MMFF 2009 - Mano Po 6 Trailer

Mano Po 6 Trailer

This is the latest offering from Regal Films on the Mano Po series. The Mano Po series under Mother Lily had ALL casted great and big stars and had ALL been Very successful! I believe it was the first Mano Po 1 that transformed Ara Mina from a sexy actress to becoming a multi-awarded actress!

This year it's the Megastar's Sharon Cuneta's turn. And she's not doing it alone. Zsazsa Padilla and Heart Evangelista join her. Plus this is the first movie to have Sharon Cuneta and Kris Aquino together.

This is not just for Chinese as some would think. We can all learn from the movie and the colorful stories of Chinoys.

Worth Watching!

MMFF 2009 - I Love You, Goodbye Trailer

I will be posting all Movie Trailers included in the MMFF 2009 (Metro Manila Film Festival 2009) that I will be watching myself.

This will be the first one:

I'm sure this would be one of the best films for this year's film fest. With Laurice Guillen directing, surely this will be a box office. In My Life the last one she did was tremendous.

One more reason this movie is worth watching is Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion, Derek Ramsay and Kim Chiu Love Quadrangle! Gabby is in love with Angel while Angel and Derek loves each other. Kim, who's the daughter of Gabby loves Derek who can't love her in return. Now that's complicated.

Let's see what happens. See you at the cinemas!

Avatar: The Movie by James Cameron is Amazing!

I watched it on the very first day it was shown here in the Philippines and I was blown away!

It was like I was carried away into another world! What an experience!

The details on Pandora was well thought and extraordinary! I know it wasn't real but in the movie, it was more real than ever! The Trees, the flying mountains, the flying animals, horses, dogs and other creatures that seem to be real as well!

The love story was not mushy but more of real! With real feelings, real emotions, real love. Good build up from the beginning until they became lovers in the end.

The war and conflict was also amazing. Great consistencies on the characters and personalities.

Great Drama as well. I really thought it was hopeless. I don't want to say this but everybody. Yes, everybody start to die one by one. I even thought even the girl would die.

Overall, great movie. It was worth our time and our money!

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